Position Overview

Our mission is to advance human health by accelerating drug development with AI-enabled technology. We value the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge bases that each member of our team represents and brings to VeriSIM Life. As part of our continued growth, we are looking for a responsible Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who will take leadership of the overall technical aspects of our company's activity. We are looking for a highly motivated individual with deep quantitative modeling, product, and software engineering experiences.

You should possess strategic thinking and extensive product and software engineering experience. The work will be extremely fast-paced, multi-disciplinary, and be used to set the stage for pharma decision making that underpins all drug development worldwide. We also expect you to be an excellent communicator and public speaker.

The CTO’s responsibilities are:

  • Lead technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals
  • Spearhead software product direction, synthesizing business direction and scientific needs to drive innovation in the BIOiSIM platform and its supporting technologies
  • Take responsibility and lead efforts to build out VSL's complex, integrated hybrid AI models and the infrastructure behind them
  • Oversee research, modeling, and testing representative of R&D studies in drug development
  • Collaborate with Translational Sciences and Biosimulations leadership to evolve the BIOiSIM platform
  • Maintain quality and set up benchmarks appropriate for scaling up integrated ML & mechanistic systems models
  • Manage and lead the ML & Software Engineering team to model appropriate assumptions and implement the framework for scaled physiological models
  • Manage and oversee adherence to security best practices
  • Write out technical analyses & reports as part of thought pieces, customer presentations/deliveries, case studies, and regular external reporting for both paying clients and the public

Desired Qualifications

  • 2+ years' experience of working as a CTO or other relevant position
  • Significant experience in conducting technological analyses and research to build the strategy
  • Proven track record of building out platforms
  • Strong problem-solving skills with a strategic approach
  • Master's degree or higher in Engineering or a related quantitative discipline
  • Ability to discuss technical concepts with both software engineers, modelers, and other senior leaders
  • Ability to synthesize complex analytical findings into executive-level communications
  • Knowledge and understanding of biology, pharmacology, machine learning, and software development
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Experience with Python, cloud computing infrastructure, web-scale architecture, and scientific data analysis