We are currently seeking a highly motivated and team-oriented candidate for the position of Senior scientist in the field of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK). The successful candidate will actively contribute to the collection and analysis of ADME/DMPK data, support modeling and simulation activities on multiple discovery project teams at VeriSIM Life, facilitating the identification and development of small molecule pharmaceuticals in various therapeutic areas. This role will be reporting to the Principal Scientist, DMPK.


Work with modeling and simulation scientists, execute scientific tasks for the predictions of drug PK parameters (IVIVE) and drug-drug interactions. This includes directing or undertaking physiologically based PK (PBPK) modeling strategies, which support and achieve project goals or address regulatory interactions.

  1. Perform PK data analysis and interpret results in relation to experimental ADME data and PK parameters for various drug compounds
  2. Analyze and integrate in silico, physicochemical, and DMPK data to impact molecule design and selection
  3. Perform research studies using computational mechanistic and AI-driven approaches in the field of drug discovery and development.
  4. Contribute to development of the research strategies for computational studies in collaboration with various private and federal organizations.
  5. Effectively present results at project team meetings.
  6. Stay current with the latest DMPK literature and regulatory requirements.


  1. Candidates will require an advanced degree in a scientific discipline such as Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical sciences, or related field with either a Ph.D. or a MSc with 7-plus (7+) years of industry experience.
  2. Thorough understanding of ADME concepts, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) and modeling and translational sciences
  3. Experience in research publication and grant proposal writing and review
  4. Proven problem-solving ability.
  5. Demonstrated record of exceeding stretch goals, and willing to bring creative problem-solving skills to challenges along the way
  6. Ability to manage deadlines and prioritize effectively
  7. Excellent critical thinking and scientific skills with proven scientific expertise in small molecule metabolism and pharmacokinetics
  8. Excellent verbal presentation and communication skills.
  9. Mature and proven ability to work independently or collaboratively as required.
  10. Ability to successfully participate in a highly creative and enthusiastic start-up environment.

Desired Requirements

Experience with PBPK modeling software (i.e. Simcyp and GastroPlus), ideally through work in the pharmaceutical industry, to predict human PK and DDI.

Familiarity with other relevant scientific disciplines including biology, medicinal chemistry, toxicology and biopharmaceutics

About us

Animal testing is slow, ethically questionable, and doesn’t act as much of a filter: 92% of all drug candidates that pass this preclinical testing never make it to market. VeriSIM’s solution is to create disease-specific biosimulation models, which allow researchers at pharma companies to use software to model how a drug will behave in animals/humans. This enables researchers to test 1000x more potential candidates in the same unit of time, saving companies millions in annual costs by ensuring that drugs that do make it to (human) clinical trials are far more likely to succeed.

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